Victris Xanatov

Full Name: Victris Anton Xanatov
Rank: Choirmaster Telepathica
Gender: Male
Birthdate: (Age 26)
Height: 6'3
Build: Spindly
Eyes: Clear Blue
Hair: Silver
Skin: Porcelain
Demeanour: Pragmatic
Other noticeable features

Career: Transubstantial Initiate
Origin: Battlefleet
Birthright: Unnatural Origin (False-Man)
Lure of the Void: Tainted (Mutant)
Trials and Travails: Darkness (Warp Incursion)
Motivation: Devotion (Duty)
Public Reputation: A calm, efficient Astropath. Cautious and very private
Ship-board Reputation: Victris is determined and businesslike on duty, and keeps completely to himself in private, speaking mostly to the ships Astropaths and his few friends among the officers. He is academically gifted and reads a lot.