Designation: Epsilon-Mu 35
Name: Vectis
Rank: Skitarius Tribune
Gender: Male
Height: Almost 6'
Build: Grizzled, with Augmetics
Eyes: Bionic
Hair: Shaven
Skin: Heavily scarred, when seen.

Career: Arch-Militant
Origin: Forge World
Birthright: Stubjack (with Sebastian York)
Lure of the Void: Duty Bound - Duty to Humanity (with Sebastian York)
Trials and Travails: Press-ganged – Machine Resurrection (by Lupus Havelock)
Motivation: Exhilaration - The Thrill of War (with Orthesian and Crimson)
Connections: Good relations with the Tech-Adepts of Lathe. His contacts allowed the opening of negotiations that eventually led to the refurbishment of the Cleansing Light, in exchange for a slice of profits going to the Mechanicus.
Public Reputation: Skitarii are renowned as emotionless killing machines, and Epsilon-Mu 35 is no exception. More efficient than a guardsman, more detached than an Astartes, the hooded and armoured man that most see is the relentless fist of Lord-Captain York’s displeasure.
Shipboard Reputation: It’s common knowledge that Vectis is searching for something but very few realise what it is. Outside of the officers few crew are glad of his dour presence, with only the proctors and gunnery chiefs normally willing to spend time with him.