The Rules


Characters seeking to acquire weapons or equipment using the crew's profit factor should use the following additional rules.

Only one profit/acquisition test may be in progress at any time, a single use of the crew's profit factor ties up the crew's disposable income until that test ends.

Players should refer to Table 5-2 (p.111) to determine the time their acquisition test will take. The additional rules on this page for reducing the time via appropriate tests for availability and time are in use for these rolls.

A failure by four or more degrees on an acquisition test will result in the characters attracting unwanted attention, as per Table 7-9 (p.223, Into the Storm).

Accurate Weapons

Accurate weapons gain one extra d10 of damage for every three degrees of success (up to a maximum of 2d10) when the 'Aim' action is used prior to firing.

Automatic Weapons

Automatic weapons are designed to spray an area with fire and pose a significant threat to multiple individuals, a single target may only be hit by three shots from an auto fire weapon fired on semi or full automatic, shooting at targets that are larger or smaller than human size may modify this accordingly.


This is not exactly a rule, but a note players should be aware of during the game. Rogue Trader is a swashbuckling game, one which the system does not always support. Please be aware of this when developing your characters and purchasing equipment. Equipping yourself with large amounts of high armour or high damage equipment/weapons may cause the balance of the game to become unbalanced from the theme I am aiming for and I will discuss with you the situation that has lead to these purchases and potentially how to tone them down to rebalance the game.

Character Experience

Characters earn experience and/or Fate Points for game sessions which they attend. Unattended sessions do not garner experience but characters may still earn Fate Points at the storyteller's express permission if their actions contributed to the crew earning the Fate Point in an earlier session.

Characters will never drop below two thirds of the total experience of the highest earned experience total in the crew.

Character Sheets

Where paper sheets and wiki sheets exist for the same character, the wiki is to be considered the authoritative source for all character information. Please update your wiki page!

Chronic Illnesses (OOC)

A number of the players of the game have chronic conditions that may be aggravated by the actions of other players, please be considerate of this and act accordingly.

Crew & Morale in Dock

Rogue Trader's live for constant hunt for glory and fame, or at the very least for constant hard work. Their crews sign on for profit and a good life and every Lord Captain knows that the common voidsman is simple minded fiend easily swayed by grog, smile girls and promises of fame and fortune.

Lord Captains and their crews who chose to remain in dock when they could be out seeking their fortunes (perhaps to acquire that new dancing girl they saw last week) may find that their crew slowly start to desert them and that the morale and training of their crew suffer as they molder at grav-anchor.

After one week of remaining in dock without any significant progress towards an endeavor, the Lord Captain of the vessel should make an acquisition test (this does not lock the crews profit) if this test is failed, then the ship looses 1d5 crew. Each week the vessel remains in dock or at anchor without any further significant progress the roll should be repeated with a cumulative -10 penalty.

Additionally, for every two weeks that the vessel remains in dock or at grav-anchor where training may not be performed, regardless of progress towards an endeavor, a single member of the crew should make a command check, failure on this roll causes the vessel to loose 1d10 morale. This roll must be made for every additional two weeks that pass, with a cumulative -10 penalty.

Elite Skills

Characters who purchase the 'Legend of the Expanse' career or who reach the end of their basic career paths will render the group they are with eligible for an 'Elite Skill' in a similar form to those given to the famous Rogue Traders of the Expanse. Access to this skill costs the character 1000 experience points and affects the entire group - although the character may determine who benefits from it. The group may only have one such skill at any time, it is not a requirement that the Rogue Trader be the legend in question. If the game at any time involves multiple groups, those groups may purchase separate elite skills as long as they remain distinct groups.

Out-of-Character Talk

While it is accepted that rules may need to be quoted and statistics discussed, the heart and soul of a large playerbase game set aboard the enclosed environment of a ship is the interaction of the ships crew as portrayed by the players. All conversations in game should be conducted in character if at all possible.