Full Name: Sussu'reth Iridianshe (Dreams of Seas on Distant Shores, Scion of House Iridian)
Rank: N/A
Gender: Male
Birthdate: ??
Height: 6' 6"
Build: Toned/Athletic
Eyes: Verdant Green
Hair: Bleached Sandstone
Skin: Tanned

Career: Path of the Outcast/Starstrider
Origin: Craftworld
Birthright: Alaitoc
Lure of the Void: Way of the Warrior
Trials and Travails: Path of the Scorpion
Motivation: Knowledge
Lineage: House of Iridian
Connections: Paying Passenger
Public Reputation:
Exodite Fioragh - "He would not stay. We laid the table, lit the beacon fire, danced till we dreamed. I of summer fields long in the stem for harvest and wild berry scents, he of those endless waves on strange sands. A cycle passed in soaring song and we lay entwined as the spirits of my ancestors turned around us in the endless dance. I knew he would be gone by winter.. My heart fell with the snow, buried till he brings the spring.

Warlock Lleirdal - "Spider, scorpion, sand and sea. Desert within, deserted without. Only the ocean will sooth that soul, wash him ashore to us once more. Or will it rip him from us like so many of his Kin, torn away in the undertow of our souls…tides of time and time again will tell us what we already know."

Archon Daerthir - "Oh you are mine, sweetblossom. Marred by fears, scarred by tears and the sweeter for it…I have not forgotten you!"

Ship-board Reputation: Crewman Cale - 'We've seen the ship, all curves and angles…s'like something grown. Gives me the creeps that fing, and if its here, then on of Them be here….Ye dont see 'em ye know, they can go invisible when they want to spy on ye! I aint lookin' fer it either, let the Betters deal wi' it, damn Xeno……"