Screaming Vortex

One of the two great Warp storms that bound the rinward margins of the Calixis Sector. These storms ebb and flow with a ferocity and maliciousness that can lure even the most seasoned navigator to destruction in a sudden rending surge.

The Screaming Vortex is a boiling mass of Warp turbulence and vortices that clash and grind against one another with unceasing fury and power, giving rise to a constant psychic wail that can be perceived by those sensitive to the flow of the warp. It is this dread wail that gives the Warp storm its name. The character of the Screaming Vortex is that of a raging beast whose teeth clash and gnaw in a never-ending search of food. It is said by the voidborn that it has claimed entire fleets to sate its endless hunger.