Lord Captain: Sebastian York

  • Won his Warrant in a high stakes game of cards.
  • Isn't really a Noble, he just acts the part and everyone believes him.
  • Was banished by his family for a terrible crime.
  • In reality it's his family who are the criminals and he just couldn't stand to be around them.
  • Has a 'thing' for Captain Lyn of the Diamond Song.
  • Was once outwitted by a pre-teen and had to purchase his personal effects from them after an embarrassing defeat.
  • Doesn't need a gun: he's just that hard!
  • Rode a firing macrocannon to gain the tactical advantage… or the hell of it.
  • Betrayed the Rogue Traders he had alliances with in order to get ahead in the Quest for the Dread Pearl
  • Was 'date raped' by Alexia Lyn while on the Dread Pearl
  • Has engaged in a tit for tat flirtatious battle with Alexia Lyn
  • Purchased a Twist wife for his Choir-Master Telepathica Victris Xanatov

First Officer: Cymbry

  • No one is sure if Cymbry is a man or a woman. The Crew of the Cleansing Light have a sweep stake on what Gender the First Officer is and if Sebastian will ever find out.
  • Would like nothing better than a romantic encounter with Captain Lyn's companion Azure, an Eldar scout.
  • Made the Cleansing Light's Bid for the foretelling of the location of Dread Pearl with the personal effects of a 'God of War'. The bid was accepted.
  • Has a true claim to the Harlock dynasty.

Navigator Primaris: Astra

  • Might actually be as competent as they say
  • Prone to understatement
  • Not actually human.
  • Has a wife and several concubines which she won by rights of conquest

Engineseer Prime: Orthesian

  • Is more of a Heretek than anyone thinks.

Master Helmsman Crimson

Chief Boatswain: Gorbaz Dedgud

Master at Arms: Vectis

  • Is a spy for the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Is fleeing from the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Appears to be less friendly than the Ork…

Chief Chirugeon: Lupus Havelock

  • Will sedate and operate on crewmen at the first sign of mutation.
  • Has already done so on the Lord Captain at least once.

Ships Kroot: Dashkit

  • Was won by Sebastian in a game of cards.
  • Sebastian thought he had won an exotic dancer.

Flight Marshall: Torque

  • Is a deserter from the Imperial Navy
  • Is a hotshot pilot
  • Is a recovering Stimm-addict
  • Is a not-so-recovering Stimm-addict
  • Isn't so hot on landings
  • Hates the Eldar with a fiery burning passion
  • Has a thing for Aoife Armengarde

Passenger: Rush

  • Is an Inquisitor.
  • Is an escaped Legionnaire fleeing Imperial justice under a disguise with a substantial bounty on his head!
  • Gained his promotions by eating his superior officers!
  • Is either a Daemon, False-Man, Witch, Heteric, Xenos, and/or Mutant depending who you ask/what day it is.
  • Kidnaps and eats childrens pets and/or naughty children.
  • Once bribed an Inquisitor for sex by being her only escape route from a planet full of Tyranids!!