Koronus Passage

'It is a beast that swallows the apostate, the doubter, and all who ship with them. Better to slay the unfaithful than risk the dread Maw whilst such false wretches draw breath.'
-the Voidfarer's Warning, the Drusian Play

The Koronus Passage (also known more commonly as 'the Maw') is a stable but treacherous warp route passing between the two great warp storms that separate the Koronus Expanse from the Calixis sector. The passage was discovered long ago by a nameless Magos-Explorator of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but was later lost for millennia. More recently, the legendary Rogue Trader Purity Lathimon rediscovered the passage at the close of the 40th Millennium.

The passage links the two radically different void stations of Port Wander at the edge of the Calixis Sector, and Footfall within the Koronus Expanse.

The experience of 'shooting the Maw' remains harrowing for both ships and crew, and even today it claims many vessels and lives, despite the centuries of experience gained by Navigators and Rogue Traders. However, the cautious first steps of some early Rogue Traders led to the establishment of the 'Stations of Passage' - a series of safe havens amid the chaos of the Passage, within which ships may shelter when the storms make this portion of the sea of souls even more deadly than usual. Much later, the Navigators learned to read the Maw and its moods, and such knowledge passed into the collective body of learning of the Rogue Traders, so that now the Stations of Passage are mostly disused except by novice Navigators seeking to travel the Passage, or by experienced crews seeking shelter from unexpected problems.

Today, 'shooting the Maw' is considered a rite of passage among the Rogue Traders of the Calixis Sector. You may be the bearer of the greatest Warrant of Trade ever seen in the sector, but until you and your crew have passed through the harrowing journey and seen the raging light of Furibundus at the end, you are no better than a common Chartist Captain in the eyes of your nominal peers.