Gorbaz Dedgud

Full Name: Gorbaz Dedgud
Rank: Chief Boatswain of the Cleansing Light
Gender: Ork
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 6'7''
Build: Massively muscled Ork
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Skin: Dark, almost black green colour, covered in scars and tattoos.

Career: Ork Freebooter
Klan Blood Axe
Oddbitz Driva
Public Reputation: Mostly hidden from public but when he's allowed out off the ship he's a big, loud and brash Ork with a taste for fine alcohol and bigger guns.
Ship-board Reputation: On board the ship, Gorbaz keeps the crew in line and acts as a liason between the officers and common crew. As a Blood Axe, he does his best to look after the crew members that work hard but will, often literally, stamp down hard on any insurrections on board. Respected by the older crew and feared by the newer, he does his job well.