Flight Marshall's Log

Below is the log of Flight Marshall Lucius "Torque" Hal serving aboard the fleet of [[[Sebastian York]].

Port Wander

Signed onto the Cleansing Light, a recently recommissioned ship. They were lacking anyone with any real skill with small craft and heading out into the Koronus Expanse, further away from the eyes of the Imperium. Battlefleet Koronus is smaller than Battlefleet Calixis, and less likely to pay attention to the crew of a rogue trader like Lord Captain York.

Spent most of the voyage to the Expanse working on getting the Scorned Jezebel back up to scratch and repainted. She took a bit of a beating in that last fight, earned some scars. Checked out the rest of the craft as well. The Aquilas are all fairly standard equipment, as is the lander, but that Ork ship is something else. Might have a play with it later, but I'm hesitant to work with the Xenos tech. At least it's not Eldar.