Quest for the Dread Pearl

Endeavour points total: 3000/3850 Completed +12 Profit Factor

Overhearing members of the Chains of Dusk's officer corps talking about an impending auction by the Witches of Footfall (in which Lady Sun Lee, at least, was also suspected of wanting to participate), Cymbry pointed the Lord Captain towards a potential first opportunity for a Grand Quest to be undertaken.

Initial investigations have suggested that the auction might be connected to the legendary Dread Pearl, though the Witches themselves have not yet been spoken to, and it is wholly unclear what form the auction might take.

On footfall further investigations revealed when the auction would take place and that it was open to anybody. At the auction it was discovered that each individual got one bid only and if unsuccessful they were removed from the auction. The group were successful in bidding the personal effects of a bloodletter.

At the foretelling the location of the Dread Pearl was revealed, following the negotiation of a number of tenuous alliances and a short, sharp conflict with a vessel of unknown (presumed to be Eldar) configuration, the crew have entered the warp to pursue their goal.

The Cleansing Light has visited Cappa-Psi-12 and discovered that they need to collect five other locations to gather the pieces needed to put together the co-ordinates of the Dread Pearl.

The Cleansing Light has visited Zayth, a war world and found their first fragment of the co-ordinates.

The Cleansing Light has visited The Processional of the Dammed and found their second fragment of the co-ordinates.

The Cleansing Light has visited Vaporous and found their third fragment of the co-ordinates.

The Cleansing Light has visited an almost empty system and the resting place of the Light of Terra and found their fourth fragment of the co-ordinates.

The Cleansing Light has visited Dros and found teh final fragment of the co-ordinates.

The Cleansing Light has visited the Dread Pearl and pillaged the paradise world for numerous Xenos artifacts making a health profit though drawing the unwanted attention of the Inquisition.

Defence against the Rak'Gol

Endeavour points total: 2000/1880

The crew have travelled to starcluster, spoken with various people and battled the Rak'gol fending of their first wave of raiders.

The Crew has secured three ancient auger arrays to give them an early warning system.

The Crew has secured the aid of various military forces and raised some of their own.

The Crew has evacuated a number of planets and chosen to ignore the defence of a couple of others bring the number of planets they are trying to defend down from 19 to 10.

The Crew has travelled to the staging world of the Rak'Gol assault and defeated their space based defences. They are now engaged in a land war with the Rak'gol.

Investigations of behalf of the Inquisition

Endeavour points total: 800/800

The crew have discovered a group of 'primitive' Eldar who travel by mystical portals,ride dragons, and seem much more open to talking with Humans. They have learnt that these Eldar do not fight in the Great War but others n the start cluster do.

The crew has encountered some Eldar of a distinctly sinister nature who have been keeping governor Ven of Ven's World alive via vile Xenos science. They killed one but Sebastian has brought the other on board the Astra's Bounty as part of a deal to keep his life.

The Crew have spoken with a troupe of Harlequins who have shed some light on what this mysterious race are doing in the foundling worlds and who also agreed to help the crew in their war with the Rak'Gol for a price.


Endeavour points 800/800

The Crew transported a Killteam of Deathwatch marines to the planet of Illisk. The crew investigated the planet and unwittingly unleashed a tech daemon. The daemon was dealt with and the crew escaped with looted weapons.

Yamma Gatta

Endeavour Points 800/350

Favourable trade deals for the recovery of Yamma Gatta after the Rak'gol war, Investment from Armegrade and Vaxanide.