Cymbry - Outline Session Notes



Dread Pearl



The Foundling Worlds, especially Ven's World

Session on the 19th of March
Most notably my second experience of fleet command - the trinary state of Rak'Gol firing (utterly hopeless, minorly damaging, hideously lethal), the destruction of the Marauder-class vessel, the loss of the unfortunate but gallant Honour of the Queen.
Study sensor-use in aftermath.

Session on the 2nd of April: the great space-battle!
Liaison to Lady Aoife Armengarde, aboard the Bansidhe. Successful, but messy. And Sebastian wound up getting mangled again. We came through all right, however. Well, one lance-battery out of commission, but… by the standards of both our side and the enemy, that's fantastic.

Session on the 16th of April: the start of the land battle!
Negotiating with Lady Armengarde for possible fire support in the event of an evacuation. Scary, scary Blood Furies. Rout of the Imperial Guard. Leading the Squat levies in heroic (if ineffective) counter-attack against the Rak'Gol. Anima Mortis going off on its own. Dashkit and Gorbaz sabotaging one of the great guns. Whatever bits I missed.

Session on the 7th of May: the end of the land battle!

Session of the 28th of May: The Aftermath of the War

Session of the 4th of June: Illisk

Session of 25th of June: Illisk (negotiations, information exchange, and departure) & Darkspire station (arrival, repairs, trading, duel, and compulsory departure)

Downtime for session in late August: Counter-espionage and the avoidance of Lt Rush

Session of 3rd of September: the Haarlock space station / shipyard, and the recovery (just) of the Light of Destiny, battling with "the Guests" in the course of our efforts

Session of 10th of September: Syndron II, Vaxanides, Quaddis. Start of the Carnival of the 13 Masks

Session of 17th of September: Quaddis:

Session of 24th of September: Quaddis:

Session of 14th of October: Quaddis.

Session of 22nd of October: Quaddis and onwards.

Session of 29th of October: The Witch-Cursed World.

Session of 5th of November: Footfall and Lucien's Breath (or Port Victory)

Session of 28th of April: Maleziel - the Rush Underworld