Full Name: Crimson (nickname, real name unknown)
Rank: 1 (Master Helmsman)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Build: Wiry
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bright Red
Skin: Pale

Career: Void-Master
Origin: Footfallen (Footfall)
Birthright: Fringe Survivor (Heretek)
Lure of the Void: Tainted (Deviant Philosophy)
Trials and Travails: Darkness (Dark Secret)
Motivation: Exhilaration (No Joy Unexplored)
Lineage: None
Connections: Due to her abilities as a pilot and her natural understanding of technology she seems to be quite at home on ships and as such gets on extremely well with the Void-Born.
Public Reputation: Coming from Footfall she doesn't fit in very well to normal Imperial society, she finds many of the things that Imperial Citizens take for granted to be rather strange. She tends to come across as highly-strung, a mix of moods ranging from grumpy to ecstatic to angry at fairly short notice.
Ship-board Reputation: She has an impressive talent for piloting that is still very much being developed and with time will probably see her being one of the best you can get. Her mood swings and irascibility can make her somewhat difficult to get along with at times and she gets very twitchy about what she sees as "her ship" at times. However get her drinking and she's a lot more relaxed and fun to be around and off duty tends to get on better with people than she does when she's at the helm.