Full Name: Serafina Catalin Xanatov Xan'Tai
Rank: Navigator Primaris
Gender: Female
Birthdate: (Age 19 at start of service with Lord Captain York)
Height: 6'0
Build: Spindly
Eyes: Solid black without iris
Hair: Once Copper, she's now completely hairless
Skin: Porcelain
Demeanour: Phlegmatic
Other noticeable features Long fingers formed into talons

Career: Navigator
Origin: Void-born
Birthright: Unnatural Origin (Tainted by the Warp)
Lure of the Void: Tainted (Mutant)
Trials and Travails: Darkness (Warp Incursion)
Motivation: Devotion (Duty)
Lineage: Witch-Born
Connections: Navis Nobilite
Public Reputation: Disdainful of those planet bound but if you can get beyond that point Astra appears to be quite sociable for a Navigator. Young but with a great deal of potential… and a great weight of expectation from her House.
Ship-board Reputation: Cold, unflappable and not anywhere near as crazy as she should be. She does seem to have a great deal of contempt for Chaos though and many feel the need to tread carefully around her if she just woke up.